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GNU Linux Solutions

We have considerable experience in Linux solutions, and are able to provide support from consultation stage through to implementation and commissioning. Some of our developments have been for our own requirements, using some GNU products from others as a starting point. In the spirit of the GNU licence we have decided to make some of these solutions available to others who may have a similar need or would like to continue with the development.

Most of our solutions are more hardware based, than software.

Cooledit Syntax highlighting files add them as follow to ~/.cedit/Syntax:

file ..\*\\.vhd$ VHDL\sFile ^--VHDL
include vhdl.syntax
file ..\*\\.tdf$ TDF\sFile ^--TDF
include tdf.syntax
file ..\*\\.as$ Z80\sFile ^;z80
include z80.syntax
file ..\*\\.as$ Microchip18\sPIC\sFile ^;(picasm18|Microchip18)
include pic18.syntax
file ..\*\\.as$ Microchip\sPIC\sFile ^;(picasm|Microchip)
include pic.syntax
file ..\*\\.as$ MCS51\sFile ^;(mcs51|MCS51)
include mcs51.syntax

Altera TDF syntax highlighting (Not completely done).
Verilog highlight (Also need some work).
PIC ASM with CDS PLC macro extensions
PIC18 ASM with CDS PLC macro extensions

Projects with working hardware and some software (We have PCB's for sale for these projects):

I/O extender (16bit out/16 bit in expandable) Serial bit bang interface using the Altera(tm) type ByteBlaster cables.
We made a mistake in ordering adapter boards that functions like the Altera ByteBlaster, if you need just give us a call.
Digital Linear 25Volt maximum PSU 1A to 5A digital PSU using PWM signals from the PIC16F87x devices to control both voltage and current limiting of the PSU.
Atmel at89s52 and at89s53 programmer. Get the software here, the hardware will be released once the drawings are done, and the first PCB's is received.

Projects that has obsolete or unsupported hardware/software

CDS pal programmer, This was used by us internally to program the old pal18p8 and pal18L8 devices
Digital recorder for voice / noise. Was originally designed to be used as a fancy type of noise device for a car (Engineering prototype did exist).

Concept projects

Voice Over IP using a PIC cpu to code voice data to GSM at 9600b/s entered into the PC serial port, with a daemon that routes that info to the PSTN network or via the internet.
PowerIP the idea of having an IP network for the local mains power.
Intelligent landmines.


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